So What's Tree O'clock?

Well to put it simply, this website is about trees.



Essentially the site shows a new picture of a tree every day at three in the afternoon


Come Again?

Three sounds a lot like tree right, so every day at three this website will show a different picture of a tree.



Because this is what the internet is really all about my friend. Forget social networking, forget looking up old girlfriends or downloading television shows. The internet was made for random quirkyness such as this.


But why trees?

Trees are great. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, they provide food to eat and wood for us to burn or use in inexpensive flat pack furniture. They prevent soil errosion, provide paper for us to write with, conkers to play with, leaves to shuffle in. Frankly the world would be a lot crappier place were it not for trees. Besides they take a good photo. Frankly we all take trees for granted.


So you're not trying to sell me anything or steal my internets?

Nope. This site is just about trees.


It looks a bit basic.

It should do I spent maybe a day on it and it's coming to you live in glorious full WEB 1.0® Not a comment bar, advert or poking tool in sight! Besides it's a simple thing, Im just showing you pictures of trees, or to be completely accurate one picture per day. Perhaps in the future I may add some features like voting, but to be honest all trees are equally beautiful so I didn't see the point.


So Ive seen your tree, what now?

Well come back tomorrow at 3pm and you'll see another tree.


What if I come back at 1pm?

You won't see a picture of a tree, the whole point is it's tree oclock.


That seems a bit silly to me

Indeed, it is a bit silly, but it's all in the name of trees.


Ok I get the idea, so is this in the name of some foundation or charity or something?

Nope, no agenda, just trees.


So you don't want me to donate money or anything?

If you like you can go out into the real world and plant a tree, and if you take a photo you could even send it to me to put on the site. The more trees the merrier!

I have added links to a couple of tree related charities however which may be of interest if you're in a benevolent mood.


Actually I already have a few pictures of trees do you want them?

Yes please! just visit the submit page. I can even pop it on a certain day unless someones already booked it.


For free?

Yes. The only requirement is that you don't mind sharing your picture with the rest of the world. If you want recognition you are going to have to pop your name on it though using potatoshop or something.


And it'll turn up on the site?



What if I miss it?

Well I will try and inform people of when their tree is due to be shown, and Ive created a 'Yesterday's tree' page as well as an archive incase you miss it. It's also possible one day I'll re-run it.


How do I contact you?

Why would you want to?


Well just to say nice things about trees

Well I suppose if you needed to you could send me a message at treeoclock 'at' Don't try to sell me viagra or cheese or whatever though.


Finally If a tree falls in the woods and nobodies around, does it make a sound?

If you fall and make a sound and there are no trees around, are you in the woods?