13th of November 2012

HTML5'd and some Jquery prep. Yeah me neither.... Media Queries and other such nonsense planned.

25th of October 2012

Slight outage on trees lately, has been fixed, apologies tree lovers.

07th of October 2011

On the 7th of October 2008 I was sitting at work (drinking tea obviously) sorting out some photographs Id taken when I was struck with a rather vague urge to put together a website that displayed a picture of a tree at three in the afternoon and then displayed a different one the next day. After a little Javascript tinkering I had a working prototype and released it upon the world as a page on my website. Two days later I bought the domain and called it Tree O'Clock but today will always be its birthday. There have been some bumps along the way, some days have retroactively had trees added when my ftp failed, but there have also been some highlights, and some awesome tree photos. So Happy Birthday Tree O' Clock, and thank you to all who have contributed to it. Mayhaps I will find the time to spruce the place up in the near future too.


09th of November 2009

Made a Calendar thingy for the front page (looks nicer) and added some links including the beebs world record tree planting event which they just happened to have called "Tree O'Clock". Trees are now sorted into folders based on month and year.


05th of November 2009

Made a start on the redesign, at moment, just gave the place a little bit of a make over. More to come soon.


15th of October 2009

Was Informed it was Tree O'Clocks First Birthday last week, Id actually forgotton. I think I will have to plant a tree soon. In other news I popped up an icon to make your web bar more shiney and Im thinking of doing a redesign soon, plus a favourites page.


12th of January 2009

Well based on some feedback I got, Ive corrected the grammar on the site, tweaked the code slighty to give the date with the month in text, and have to work out some way to stop the counter updating every hit, suppose I could write a unique IP logger or something. I still want to do something more with the archive page, but will get to that another day methinks. Note I need to find some more trees to take photos of, though Anna's pics will last me till the end of the month. Thumbnails shouldn't be too difficult, still got that e2v gallery code I wrote ages back to fall on. ** Updated Archive, little bit nicer **


1st of December 2008

Ok, quick update, the sites been running 2 months, it still looks a bit crap, Im toying with the idea of putting it on some CMS. Decided to go for seasonal images this month. Going to have to pull my finger out though and find some (or take some as the case may be).


Things on my todo list include a new background image, some tea, thumbnails for the archive, some more tea, and maybe some tea.