Tree O'Clock welcomes submissions from anyone. All we ask is that it is your own photo (or one you have permission to share) and that you keep the file size down. Obviously I don't have to tell you the criteria is trees, although if there is something else in the shot aswell (like a person) I won't mind, so long as the tree is prominent.


Ideally we would like the photo to be 800x600, but if it is bigger than that could you please make sure the file size is no bigger than 2mb.


Windows XP users can get a powertoy addon called image resizer which can resize images for you


Alternatively there is a free program called VSO Image Resizer which can also do the trick


If you need to do more advanced editing, or add a watermark (or your name/ link to a site if you want to) there is a free image tool that works a lot like Photoshop called GIMP. This is quite a good product and Id advise most people messing about with photography to try it (if you don't have access to photoshop that is). Please keep the watermark quite small if you want to use one though.


My best tip for resizing photos is always make a copy of them first. I once lost the hi-res copies of a holiday because I accidentally coppied over them with my web-optimised ones. Id hate that to happen to any pictures of trees out there, it would be criminal!


Anyways if you do have photos to share please email them to


If you want them to appear on certain days please specify in your email, or any other requests you may have, perhaps you wish to have a message with your image or you've thought up a better rhyme for the pre-tree 'tea' page, whatever. Id like to have a contributors page to acknowledge your help and if you have no objection to be included on this please let me know in the message.


I will eventually have an automated script on here, but for now this method will have to do.


Please note in the future I may have an arhive page, and possibly a flickr group or something, so please let me know if you don't wish for your picture to go on there.


Do have fun capturing the natural beauty of trees. And remember what time is it?